Brand Voice and Tone

Brand Voice and Tone

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Basic(5) Names/Slogans + Vision Statement & Mission Message of 100 words + Target Audience & Positioning + 5 Days Delivery

Standard - Basic Solution + About Us Page of 200-400 words + Brand Narrative + 7 Days Delivery

Premium - Standard Solution + Basic Business Consulting

1 Revision

Grow YOUR personal brand or business!

We will help you develop your business name, brand, and tone, quickly and efficiently. 

Have you just started a new business, or thinking about getting started? We can assist you in developing simple strategies that will help you reach your target audience. 

What message do you want to send through your business? What audience are you trying to reach? What is the mission of your brand?

We will carefully craft unique slogans, give you font and colour ideas for your website or blog, as well as provide sound marketing advice to help you along your journey. If you don’t already have a brand name, We can help you choose one. 

We will also conduct competitor research to ensure that your brand is unique and fresh!

Start living the good life, you’re one step away from success!