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Legal Writing

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BasicLegal letters and short documents (1-2 pages) + 3 Days Delivery

StandardMedium-length legal and business documents (3-6 pages) + 5 Days Delivery

PremiumLong legal and business documents (7+ pages) + 7 Days Delivery

Unlimited Revisions

We will draft a powerful contract or document designed to suit your needs and your jurisdiction. Every document or letter we write is custom-made to fit your, or your business's individual needs. We work well with individuals, start-up companies, and companies that are established. Our style is to get to know your business and industry prior to starting a project, so that any document provides the necessary legal protection for your situation.

Some commonly requested legal documents include:

  • Corporate bylaws or articles of association
  • Non-disclosure agreement (NDA)
  • Non-compete agreement
  • Confidentiality agreement
  • Purchase agreement
  • Employment contract
  • Loan agreement
  • Employment and independent contractor agreement
  • Consulting agreement
  • Partnership agreement
  • Terms and Conditions
  • Privacy Policy (GDPR proof!)
  • Cookie Policy (GDPR proof!)
  • Complaint or demand letter
  • Legal letters